Double Square Round Set

Double Square Round Set  
(Fridge Storage)

a/ Double
Square Round (4) 1.3L
6.5cm(H) * 14.2cm(W) * 23.2cm (L)
b/ Double Square Round (2) 2.8L
12.8cm(H) * 14.2cm(W) * 23.1cm (L)

c/ Large Square Round (2)2 L
12.8cm(L) *
11.5cm(W) * 20.5cm (H)

Retail RM148.10
Ansuran 135.00

Kategori 1: RM45.00 x 3 bulan
Kategori 2: RM34.00 x 4 bulan

The best containers for fridge to keep food fresh, minimize space and accommodate anything from leftovers, fruit slices and chopped veggies to sandwich fillings and garnishes.

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